From the moment your new puppy comes home he or she needs as much help as possible to become a well behaved pet and companion.

Everything you do affects how your puppy learns making it important to develop your own understanding and skills. My puppy training classes can help you become a great teacher for your puppy so that common behaviour problems such as aggression, running away, possessiveness, jumping up, over-attachment and obsessive behaviours don’t have a chance to develop and your puppy grows into a well behaved adult dog.

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Puppy School Sevenoaks. Puppy training courses in the Sevenoaks area.

Covering Sevenoaks, Riverhead, Dunton Green, Halstead, Knockholt, Ide Hill, Shoreham, Otford, Sundridge, Sevenoaks Weald, Kemsing, Seal, West Kingsdown, Wrotham, Borough Green, Stansted, Ightham, Platt, Plaxtol, and Godden Green
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  • Puppy Training Methods

    Using only kind reward based training methods, puppies progress together on the course.  The six week training programme helps you to gain real confidence and training skills so you can develop a wonderful relationship with your puppy and become a kind, competent and responsible owner.

  • Puppy School Training Courses

    Training courses are small, with usually 6, and no more than 8, puppies. They are suitable for novice and experienced owners and are designed to help you each step along the way to be a good teacher for your puppy. They are also a great chance to meet and learn with and from other puppy owners.

  • Family Friendly Classes

    Held in the evening so children and other family members can attend. I believe it’s important to encourage all members of the family to be involved in the socialisation and training of a puppy, so at my Puppy School classes you are welcome to bring children (5 years +) and other family members along. Unlike many other courses in the Sevenoaks area, my classes are held in the evening to enable those who work or are at school to come along if they wish.

  • Puppy Safe Indoor Classes

    Classes are held indoors (so puppies can't run off!), in a safe, hygienic environment with no adult dogs present. (NB. A veterinary approved disinfectant is used to clean the floor to prevent disease transmission).

  • 1-1 Puppy sessions

    For those who can’t come to classes, or want a more personal approach I also offer 1 - 1 sessions in your home if your puppy is either too young to come to classes and you want to get a head start, or if your puppy is over the Puppy School limit of 20 weeks at the beginning of the course.

    I charge £45 for a one hour private lesson. A course of four covering the Puppy School basics costs £170.



Puppy School Training Courses and Classes

Reward-based puppy training in small classes.

Hundreds of Puppies Trained!

puppy obedience classes in Sevenoaks
Puppy School Tutor

   Puppy School Sevenoaks

“All training is kind, effective & reward based. Training should be fun for you and fun for your dog”

“I highly recommend Catherine for those looking for an excellent trainer in puppy obedience.”

“It is obvious to anyone who meets Catherine that she is passionate about what she does. She loves puppies and they love her. Any owner who takes her classes is indeed a lucky puppy owner. ”

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IDE HILL VILLAGE HALL CLASSES  £125 (+ £2 booking fee) for a 6 week course for vaccinated puppies under 20 weeks old.  Benefits: Puppy School Puppy Club (online support) free Manual, treats & other benefits.  


I offer a six week puppy training course for vaccinated puppies under 20 weeks old following the Puppy School programme developed by a leading behaviourist. The course is a perfect foundation covering the basic dog training commands i.e. sit, down, stay, walk on a loose lead (walk to heel), recall and “off”. You can begin as soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated.